Fu---Paper-cutting for Chinese New Year

Paper-cuts in China
Paper-cut is a gorgeous and wonderful work in China’s treasure house. It has its own unique features and enjoys a long history, which is one of the most popular folk traditional Chinese decoration arts with most characteristic. It is simple and fresh, which touches people greatly; it is tender and pure, which wins people’s praise; it is also unrestrained and natural, which is respected and rewarded by all of us.

“Fú” is a traditional custom in China, it has become a symbol of Spring Festival.
“Fú” is a lucky words in China. Now the “Fú”(character) is not only paste up the door, it has become a culture. There is Fú’s figure everywhere from small objects like key chain, jade, to interior decoration and car decoration. “Fú” is also always showed in the movie and books, “Fú” culture has been integrated into Chinese life.

As embodiment of China’s original philosophy, the paper-cut has features of being comprehensive, beatified and lucky. In the meanwhile, with special expression, it conveys connotation and essence of traditional culture. It not only stands for people’s ability to appreciate arts, but also manifests deep level of social psychology in China. No matter colorful paper-cut with local characteristics, being simple, elegant, and natural or only-color and multi-color paper-cut which are fine and dedicate with smooth lines and suitable density, it is hard for any other paintings to compare with it, for the paper-cut was listed as “world cultural heritage” by UNESCO.

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